Month: January 2008

Welcome to USA!

Hello Mr. Hedge!
One of the many strange things that happened to me upon coming to the USA – my last name being pronounced Hedge. Isn’t is easy to say – ‘heh-gh-dey’. I was taken aback, almost laughing at the other person, thinking “Is it really that hard ?? !!”. How does one manage to interchange the ‘g’ and the ‘d’ when it is’nt written that way? Nevertheless, they’re nice enough to say ‘Oh ! Its two syllables!! I’m sorry !”,Β when I correct them. But my friends enjoy this the most πŸ™‚

Helping pick up truck
Like most new students here, we set out hunting for stuff to furnish our apartment – mattresses, couch, closets, lamps etc. After a few days of collecting bits and pieces, we hit a jackpot. A really nice study table with several shelves – was an amazing find, a bit too heavy though. Not a big deal for four guys we thought, but 10 steps and we were spent πŸ˜›
We caught our breath, and were about to start over when this pick up truck with a couple in it offered to give us a ride. We were amazed – helping strangers was not something city-bred people are used to, for obvious reasons. But I guess its something really nice that small towns like Amherst have’nt lost yet. So we loaded the treasure on the truck, and jogged along till the apartment. Said our goodbyes and thank yous to the gentleman. The next hurdle was to get it into the apartment, and we somehow managed to hurl it in without damage πŸ™‚
Nice feeling at the end of the day!

Friendly directions
Recently, we were looking for a new apartment close to Amherst Center. We found a nice one on Craig’s list and decided to have a look. We took Route 30, and got down at the Main Street bus stop (the one near Amherst groceries), and started walking further hunting for Spaulding Street. After a long walk and not finding it, we took a turn into a road hoping it would be the right one. But we didn’t find number 40 on it. Right there, on our left, there stood an old man with a long beard mending the plants in his house. I went in and hesitantly asked, hoping he wouldn’t get annoyed, “Can you please tell me where Spaulding St is ?”. He came towards me with the spade, and I moved back a bit. Then, slowly he said, “This one is Gray, next is High, then comes North Whitney, and then you have Spaulding. So it’s a little further way!”. I was surprised – it was the most polite reply I’ve got :). Amherst has some really nice and affectionate people. They’ll go out of their way to help you. And about the house, it turned out to be nice, so we’ll think about it !