Day 0 – Massachusetts, California

We took a Virgin America flight from Boston, MA to San Francisco, CA. Santosh, shockingly managed to get his shaving kit including a razor through security. So much for the body scanning at Logan airport. After a little disappointment about the possibility of a delay, we were relieved to take off on time. We quickly grabbed a few snacks and boarded. Saket did his customary flight checks, which include making sure that the wings are attached, the engines are not on fire, and that the luggage compartment has been closed. 6 hours of watching some in-flight entertainment, random conversations and irritating our guys sitting in the front seats, we landed in SFO on time. We took a shuttle from the airport, after seeing off Kartik and Rashmi who would stay at Rashmi’s sister’s place, and checked in at the Hilton. Tired from the flight, we all crashed and woke up to begin DAY 01!!!


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