Day 05 – New Mexico

Rama and I woke up early to finish up some office work. Then we all had a quick breakfast and headed towards a meteor crater site, about 40 miles from Flagstaff. The approach roads and surrounding areas were a great sight, but the meteor crater turned out be a dud in comparison. It was much smaller than we imagined, and felt it was over hyped. Nevertheless, there were a couple of cool meteor and comet games that we had fun playing. We still had a fair distance

Barringer Crater, Arizona where the Canyon Dia...

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to cover in Arizona, so we left after a watching an interesting video on meteors. We were slightly relieved upon leaving the state border, as we had heard rumors about people being asked to show all their immigration documents by the police, just in case we were caught speeding or anything else.

Since the drive was long, we decided to play a few car games. We started with 20 questions, and before we knew it we had a covered a few hundred miles. Upon entering New Mexico, we did our customary state-entering video, and Rashmi was happy to see the welcome sign showing a huge chilli. Entering Albuquerque was like going back to the architecture of Harappa/Mohenjadaro, with houses made of mud and clay. We walked through an area called Old Town, which was a very quiet and a peaceful little area with a small park, a church and shops selling nick knacks and memorabilia. We then drove through the city’s downtown, and the University of New Mexico.

Tired from the day’s activities, we headed towards our hotel in Bernalillo. It was a resort which stretched out for miles, and getting there in the dark was a little eerie as the roads were narrow and had tall grass on either side. We decided to check out the restaurants at the resort, and went to one which looked classy but was empty. To add to it, they didn’t serve any vegetarian food, so we looked for another place. After a heavy dinner which took ages to be served, we planned the next day out, and then crashed.

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