Day 06 – Oklahoma

We woke up late, had a nice breakfast. Our waitress was cute but curt, so I didn’t think everyone was pleased. Later, we roamed around the place and checked out their facilities. At the concierge, we inquired about the things one could do around the place. Also, since it was Thanksgiving, there were many people around. The hotel had arranged for a Red Indian tribe to perform song and dance and talk about their culture. We checked out at noon and headed towards Santa Fe. It was similar to Old Town but bigger, and we looked for an authentic Mexican place to get some lunch. La Fonda had a nice buffet, and we enjoyed the meal.

We roamed on the streets, clicked a few pictures, and also found bandannas to wear that made us look like the Che Guevara gang. We started our drive towards Oklahoma City late in the afternoon. Along the way, we had a slight scare as were low on gas, and all the gas stations in the surrounding area seemed to be closed for the holiday. Finally, we found one that was open, and filled up. During the long drive ahead, Saket decided to ask everyone about their most embarrassing moments in life, and all of us had many stories to tell. We all would agree that he himself has the funniest incidents of all, “kaand” as he calls them. After a long list of such moments and laughing out loud at ourselves, we reached the Arizona-Texas border. We got down, though it was dark, and also ignored Rama’s repeated warnings about it not being safe, shot  a quick video under the Welcome sign and moved on. Kartik decided to check if his favorite Marriot Springhill suites were available for us to stay over for the night at Oklahoma City. He was happy to find one, so we grabbed a quick dinner and reached the hotel. I guess by now everyone felt that the checking in and out of hotels everyday was getting a little repetitive, but then it was necessary. We talked about getting out early, see a bit of the city and move towards our next stop, St. Louis in Missouri.

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