Day 07 – Missouri

We left at around 10 in the morning and headed towards Oklahoma City downtown. We could hardly see anything as the entire city seemed to be under construction. We visited the Oklahoma City bombing memorial, which had two walls separated by water. After driving for several 100 miles we reached a point that was at the trisection of three states – Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. It seemed like the 3 state marker was ignored by all three states. It certainly didn’t look like a tourist attraction, and was in a corner on a muddy side street. We were happy to see such a place, however.

We took videos at all 3 state lines, and hope to make a longer video from all the snippets. It was dark by the time we reached St. Louis. It looked like a mix of Boston and Chicago. We went to the most popular attraction, The Arch, which is a huge steel arch one can see from any point in the city. After seeing it up close, we decided to get a few pictures of the Arch with the bridges in the area, so we headed out across the Mississippi river, stopped the car on a side street. Saket climbed over the car, and got some good shots. We felt like having some Indian food, so went to Rasoi. We were in for a fun time there, as the middle aged Indian guy spoke a very funny accent, and we had trouble controlling our laughter. He seemed like a strict but helpful man, and was very proud of the city and its hospitals and airports. When we told him about our trip, he asked us not to drive at night, and gave us more tips just like dads do. The food was excellent and so was the ambiance, so we left happy and full. The mood was a little somber as the next day would be our last hop of the trip, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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