Month: May 2011

How to hire

Most company interviews judge candidates based on a set of pre determined, mostly openly available memory based questions, whose answers are never used again on the job. Good interviews should cover much more than just a set of text book questions, but how a candidate thinks about a problem, and how they have coded in their past projects, and what their opinions are about the field they are in, to help hire more well-rounded individuals.

Another interesting take on how to hire.


Paul Graham at Techcrunch Disrupt NY

He showed how Y Combinator office hours take place with the different startups which are funded by them. This video shows how founders from these randomly selected startups were asked questions on their product, strategy and business model. Very interesting to see how he captures the essence of these ideas within a few minutes and gives them advice on the fly.

Techcrunch Disrupt NYC Startup Battlefield

A few promising startups that I liked:

1. Square – This might just change the way we buy lunch, coffee or just about anything at stores. Eliminates the clunky cash register, card swipers, and saves a ton of paper and signatures.

2. Arrived – This pitch started off a little cold, but caught on after demoing a number of good features to let friends know when you arrive in their city, and to take it forward from there.

3. Sonar – An app that lets you find the people who are most relevant to you in a room, gathering, outing using their public online information such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Helps you make connections faster and better.

4. Weotta – Can’t figure out what to do this weekend? This will help you make plans based on the type of outing and mood.

5. Getaround – This is like the AirBnb for cars. People can rent out their cars to others which would otherwise be parked all day/night, and make money. They went on to win the competition.

6. BillGuard – Looks at your credit card transactions and notifies you if any fraudulent or incorrect charges have been made, by mining a lot of data about credit card fraud and what people are saying about companies. Looks like a useful tool that will help you save money, especially those who do not check their statements with diligence.

Seed Capital From Angel Investors: Pravin Gandhi, Seedfund is an early stage investment company that helps entrepreneurs who want to start companies around Indian market needs. This is an interview of one of the founders of the fund. Gives an insight into what they look for, and the process they follow.

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