Month: January 2012

Innovation or Imitation

I have always thought that the Indian software industry must become more product-oriented rather than service, as going forward making stuff is going to help us stand on our own feet. Majority of our firms today do maintenance of products that have been created elsewhere and need looking-after for customers. I came across as article that talked about Indian entrepreneurs who have jumped into the product bandwagon and it seemed encouraging. The article Indian Product Entrepreneurs: Your Time Has Come mentions some products like Zoho that seem to be counterparts to products already present in the market, but are much cheaper. So it looks like people have made their own versions of existing products, with a few improvements and are able to sell them at lower prices largely because the development cost is lower in India. Some would say we are just ripping off existing products, but that argument might not hold good if we make those systems better, for example Facebook came after Orkut and MySpace but it was way better, thus it caught on. Having said that, more importantly we need to build things that are really innovative going forward, now that we have experienced professionals in our ranks too. We must use the price advantage, no doubt, but also think long term to create something disruptive.