Techcrunch Disrupt NYC Startup Battlefield

A few promising startups that I liked:

1. Square – This might just change the way we buy lunch, coffee or just about anything at stores. Eliminates the clunky cash register, card swipers, and saves a ton of paper and signatures.

2. Arrived – This pitch started off a little cold, but caught on after demoing a number of good features to let friends know when you arrive in their city, and to take it forward from there.

3. Sonar – An app that lets you find the people who are most relevant to you in a room, gathering, outing using their public online information such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Helps you make connections faster and better.

4. Weotta – Can’t figure out what to do this weekend? This will help you make plans based on the type of outing and mood.

5. Getaround – This is like the AirBnb for cars. People can rent out their cars to others which would otherwise be parked all day/night, and make money. They went on to win the competition.

6. BillGuard – Looks at your credit card transactions and notifies you if any fraudulent or incorrect charges have been made, by mining a lot of data about credit card fraud and what people are saying about companies. Looks like a useful tool that will help you save money, especially those who do not check their statements with diligence.